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FSP Group provides the following services:

Assessment of the prospects and feasibility of the project.

 Creation of business models for sustainable development of enterprises

Attracting project financing

Tax and legal consulting

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With the active participation of the FSP Group, a modern fish processing complex with a full technological cycle was created on the coast of the Kaliningrad Bay. Today, the company has a significant volume of fish and seafood catch in the Russian economic zone on the Baltic Sea and in the bays. Sorting, freezing and processing of fish, as well as production of canned, smoked, dried fish and preserves are carried out at the existing facilities. Also, in large volumes, services are provided for storing frozen fish products in own refrigerators.


One of the priority activities of the FSP Group is consulting support of investments aimed at environmental modernization of production and output of products using recycled materials from plastic, composite, paper/cardboard, wood, metal and glass. The FSP group has considerable experience in designing and supplying equipment for processing solid waste and secondary raw materials. The FSP Group plans to create a production facility for the production of granular polymer composite in the Moscow region.


The FSP group actively cooperates and provides patronage support to the Russian Museum in organizing exhibitions of works of art from the Museum's collections in Russia and Europe. With the organizational support of the FSP Group, annual exhibitions are held at the branch of the Russian Museum in Malaga (Spain).The FSP group regularly provides charitable assistance to foundations focused on helping children with various types of diseases.

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Financial and Strategic Partnership Group (FSP Group), a Limited Liability Company, specializes in consulting in the field of attracting investments into various projects, as well as the development and management of such projects. FSP Group is a team of professionals, providing wide range of services in the areas of project and management consulting in Russia and abroad

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The main activity

Investment consulting provides comprehensive customer support, structuring and support of investment projects and programs.

The experience of the FSP group provides a comprehensive approach to supporting projects at all stages of the investment process and allows us to offer a wide range of services in the field of investment consulting:

About us